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What did we build and why?

We created an immersive experience that allows/requires the user to physically “handle” all of the content that they might be exposed to in a specific moment from Twitter.

While exploring the relationship of context on meaning, we began to question the quantity of information each of us is exposed to on a daily basis.
We realized it is a question of curation, we need to understand what has value and what does not.

So how do we sort all of this Data?
Our answer for XR Brain Jam is to consider the human perspective of relying on another human to organize information into meaningful categories.

Subject-Matter/Problem Background

“Some cognitive scientists and graphic designers have emphasized the distinction between raw information and information in a form that can be used in thinking. In this view, information overload may be better viewed as organization underload. Edward Tufte primarily focuses on quantitative information and explores ways to organize large complex datasets visually to facilitate clear thinking.”

What is your general topic?

  • Perspective taking 
  • Situating information in context
  • Overwhelming amount of information, how to curate perspective

What is the problem/question you’re tackling?

  • Disinformation
  • Cognitive load
  • Wellbeing and Social Media use

Why does it matter?

  • Time is a resource, how much time can we apply to editing + curating?
  • What happens when we solve the problem of getting content when we have a fixed amount of time/attention?

What did you prototype and how does it address your problem/question?

  • We prototyped a literal interpretation of doom scrolling.
  • Pulls real tweets on random and controversial subjects
  • Design emphasis on cognitive overload and over stimulus


Progress Screenshots:


Cary Staples - Producer ||  Website 1 | Website 2
Research, Graphic Design, Presentation

Stephan Caspar - Producer  
||  Twitter
Research, Presentation, Video Editing

Cohl Staples-Ramp - Producer  || Website
Research, Graphic Design, Presentation

Timothy Arment - Developer  ||  Instagram | Website
Modeling, Lighting, Play Testing

Mitchell Kuppersmith - Developer  ||  Twitter | Itch.io || LinkedIn
Game Design, Modeling, Texturing

Ryan Davis - Developer  ||   LinkedIn | Devpost
Base VR Setup, Materials/Shaders, Post Processing

Sébastien Dubreil - In Spirit


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